Fortras Ltd Company- a family-owned company that has grown from our previous business experience and has focused its goal at the promotion, adaptation, and sale of some of the products on the market.
The main criteria for us – is the quality of the products we promote. We always ask ourselves the most important question: ” Would I like this food to be on my table?”. Or: “What if these clothes would be worn by my daughter?” When it comes to business cooperation, then: “Will my collaboration with this company be beneficial and promising?”
If all these questions give a positive reply, only then we take the responsibility to recommend it to our clients.
The world around us has changed a lot: it has a huge deficit of trust. All of us are different, living in different countries, speaking different languages, believing in different ideas. But we think the main values we have are the same. And so we believe, that our mission is the friendly and trusting cooperation between partners in different countries, the ability to overcome the difficulties specific to each of them, fast and effective interaction with customers to help them save time and money.
Many years in the business have taught us the main thing: a good reputation is very hard to create and very easy to lose. Our clients trust us, and we appreciate this. We will do everything to make our company “Fortras Ltd” the stronghold of confidence and quality work for all our customers, we will help them avoid difficulties and significantly expand business opportunities.
We are waiting for you and promise a pleasant surprise!

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