«Agro-Azerinvest» Ltd was set up in 2004. The main activity of company “Agro-Azerinvest” Ltd is making significant contribution in the revival of the former glory of Azerbaijani winemaking with the latest world achievements in this field. At the enterprise functioning under the motto “Our guarantee is a high quality” presently wider assortment of winery products, which includes besides traditional Azerbaijani wine like “Madrasa”, “Aghstafa”, “Shamakhy”, “Alabashly”, “Shahdagh”, “Bayan Shirey”, port “Agdam” other newly registered trademarks like “Gabala”, “Erivan Fortress”, “Basarkechar”, “Vedibasar”, “Nazly”, “Stariy dvorik”, “Domashneye vino”, “Shah”, “Shamaxinskaya çariça”, “Shamaxinskaya loza”, “Padshah”,also pours the wine into”Bag in Box” and “PET” bottles. The production of cognacs of different aging considerably increased in recent years. The portfolio of the company includes own brands «Gold Baku», «Hayat», «Mersi Baku»

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