ARAIDA brand skillfully combines the aesthetics of East and West. The main future characteristic for the brand is working with flowing fabrics and loose silhouettes. ARAIDA clothes are perfect for those who like a discreet and refined style in fashion. Here you can find stunning cocktail gowns and overalls, presented in the best traditions of modern avant-garde fashion, elegant dresses or skirts with strong silhouette.
This are 2 main lines: ARAIDA and Araida_for_street, which represent respectively evening and every day wear.
Anyone who has ever seen a clothes of ARAIDA, could say with confidence that it is – an art, embodied in the elegance of the lines, weightless fabrics, like silk, lace, handmade embroidery and decoration.
«The brand of modesty» – this is a slogan of ARAIDA. And its creators were able to breathe new meaning to the concept of “modest femininity.”

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