Fortras Ltd is an affiliated, exclusive distributor for Aspi Winery and delivers Savalan wines across UK and Ireland.

The Savalan wines are produced by the Aspi Winery in Azerbaijan, in the valley of Savalan, a region of the Caucasus where the grape vines were originally grown (some 8000 years ago) and where viticulture has its origins. A number of authentic amphora jugs, excavated from the area, are housedin the Aspi museum.

Aspi Winery has 320 ha of vineyards on an elevated mountain plateau at an altitude of 400 meters. This mountain area is criss-crossed by rivers and contains nine of the thirteen existing climate types found in Azerbaijan, so this is an ideal area for viticulture! The grapes are of exceptionally high quality.

With the great knowledge of wine, tremendous passion, pride and ‘state of the art’ means of production, high quality wines are produced from the 26 best-known types of grapes: all at competitive prices. The use of Saint-Cobain and Bruni bottles, real cork and duo etiquette, complete our package and guarantee a look that is chic and coordinated.

Savalan wines are appreciated internationally and have gained several prestigious awards: winning two bronzes at the Decanter in 2015, for example, and gold and silver awards at Mundus Vini, in the same year.
Savalan wines are served in some of the European ministries and embassies and in European royal houses too.

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